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"It's not what you make, it's what you keep that determines your lifestyle."

Bradlewski Investment Management

We are an Investment management firm and our platform is Rule #1 investing. From our clients perspective, this means don't lose (your) money.

We are not financial planners who charge a price (fee) for giving advice on how to invest. We invest your money with ours to achieve wealth creation and we charge a price (fee) only after this has been achieved as per our mutually agreed upon minimally acceptable terms.

Our mission is transparent & simple

  • We deliver affordable active solutions for tax sensitive investors.

  • Our strategies offer a high rate of return through intelligent cash flows so you can enjoy your lifestyle both now and later.

  • With Integrity, we educate folks about our methodologies and together we make informed decisions

Why Invest through us?

  • Institutional endowments enjoy our actively managed passive investments designed to cross the desert with a full canteen.

  • Sophisticated investors who want to take control over their investments after learning how not to lose money.

  • Individual investors who want to pay themselves with equity instead of debt using lower risk with a higher return on investment.

Learn more at

Contact David Bradley, (843) 817-5860, Email David

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